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Stick n Burn - Napkin Ring Designs

Use your FREE Napkin Ring Designs Stick n' Burn and the NEW Pre-Cut Craft Ready
Gourd Rings
to make a holiday table setting that will delight everyone!

Making beautiful custom napkin rings is easy with imagethe new Craft-Ready Gourd Rings. Each ring has been cut and cleaned both inside imageand out so they are ready for you to add your designs!

With your FREE gift of "Napkin Ring Designs" Stick n Burn, it's easy! The images are sized to match the Gourd Rings so they fit perfectly!

Plus, you'll receive enough designs to make 6 matching rings for each design! Pack includes 4 great patterns -- (1) Simple Flowers, shown in the image at the top of this email, (2) Leafy Vine, shown napkin ring with leavesright and below left, (3) Holly, and (4) Oak Leaves and Acorns. (See large image of Stick n Burn pack below)

With “Stick 'n Burn” Design Transfer Sheets your design is printed directly on the clear transfer sheet, and because it has an adhesive backing all you have to do is cut it out, stick it to your gourd and start woodburning! Then peel off the stick n' burn and finish your design with color, like the GourdMaster™ Transparent Acrylics or GourdMaster™Metallic Inks.

The micro-thin film easily curves with the surface of your gourd, plus Stick 'n Burn is re positionable!

image image image

Add the FREE Napkin Ring Designs Stick n' Burn to your cart first, then you will see a link to order the Pre-Cut Craft-Ready Gourd Rings.

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Discover insider tips and tricks for making beautiful gourd napkin rings! This video tutorial is available FREE only for a limited time so watch it now!




Make Your Own "Turkey" Napkin Ring Holders
For Your Thanksgiving Table!

Just Order the Box of Jewelry Gourds In the Bottle Shape!
(Note: If you order the regular box of jewelry gourds they will not all be bottle shapes).

imageTurkey made using a medium size jewelry gourd.



Napkin ring embellished with an extra small jewelry gourd.

image image image

Make a fun turkey napkin ring holder using a medium bottle shaped jewelry gourd and the new gourd rings! Fold your napkin back and forth like a fan, then when the napkin ring is holding it, spread it out to become the tail of your turkey, as pictured above in the middle bottom row.

Or use the new "extra small size" jewelry gourds to make the elegant gourd napkin ring (pictured above in the upper right corner). Now you can order just “Bottle shape” Jewelry gourds in the discounted, pre-boxed option using the drop down menu! Up until now if you wanted your Jewelry gourds to be all bottle shape (great for making snowmen, Santa ornaments or turkeys) you had to pay Custom Order prices and we would go out and hand-select those shapes.

But since so many people wanted the Bottle Shape Jewelry gourd, we added it to our Pre-Box line of gourds so you get the discounted ‘pre-boxed’ price, 20% less than Custom Order pricing! (Note: diameter is the distance straight across at the widest point.)

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Fall Gourd Art Competition Winners


First Place Kimberly Dublo

"I used my gourdmaster jig saw that I purchased many years back to open my project and after carving it I used transparent acrylics and varnish to finish the project. Someone at a prior gourd show had recommended the use of the transparent acrylics and they worked quite well."




Second Place Jackie Smith

"Gourd saw, transparent acrylics, formula 49, fine tip applicators. (My favorite gourd art products)!"


Third Place Heather Schmutzer



The winning voter was Nancy Taylor from Kents Hills, ME. Congratulations to everyone, and make sure you check next weeks email when we will post more
of the pieces that recieved the most votes!

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